The UPGRADE is for the seeker

No ordinary program or retreat! 

This immersive 6-week program is designed for profound and lasting transformation. The UPGRADE experience has the power to restructure thought patterns, sharpen the way you view the world and awaken your consciousness to alignment, joy and fulfillment.


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Breakthrough the limitations of the conscious mind.


Introducing - The UPGRADE

This 6 week experience pairs personal growth work with a 3 day retreat, which includes a shamanic plant medicine ceremony. The plant medicines available for this ceremony include Hapè, Sananga and psilocybin. Each of these plant medicines have their own unique benefits for increasing consciousness and the personal transformation process. You can decide which ones are best suited for your journey through our application process with the Shamanic Guide.

This program is not meant to replace or override any medical treatment or professional therapy, but to be used as an additional tool for growth and transformation. All applicants are require to go through our health assessment and screening process before registration can be complete. 

Our journey together begins 3 weeks before the actual retreat and ceremony, with preparation guidance and weekly LIVE virtual workshops. Our goal here is to prime your physical and mental body for the retreat experience.

Afterwards, you will reunite with your retreat co-travellers online for an additional 3 weeks. This is where we will focus on the integration of these expanded states of consciousness. Together, we will flow through practices and teachings to help your expansion, explore questions and challenges as you move back into your daily activities. From the personal to the professional our integration workshops will deepen and expand the unique key insights of your psychedelic experience.

Why 6 Weeks?

A 6-week program gives a wide container to support you in your UPGRADE experience and integrate the growth of your new level of consciousness into your daily life.

6 weeks may seem like a big commitment and in many ways it is - a commitment to yourself.

We appreciate the busy nature of your life and this program is not intended to add stress to an already pressing schedule. Quite the contrary actually! This program is designed to help you navigate a busy life with more ease and groundedness. Should you need to miss any of the weekly workshop calls, for any reason, we will send you the recordings and exercises for you to do at your convenience. 




Being prepared for your Shamanic ceremony begins weeks in advance. You will spend 3 weeks preparing your body, your awareness and your intentions for the ceremony. Each week will be led with a LIVE virtual workshop & instructions or exercises to assist you. This preparation phase will ensure that you have a clear channel and vessel to support your inner transformation experience.



Day 1 of the retreat you will participate in the shamanic ceremony, using the plant medicines chosen during your application process, for your own unique goals. The ceremony will last 4-5 hours and then you will retire to your room for some deep rest. Day 2 of the retreat is a day of silence to start your integration process, allowing you to reflect & receive your upgrade, distraction free. There will be various activities to take part in, along with a 1:1 private integration consult with our mindset and NLP coach.

Day 3 of the retreat will be focused on intention setting as you bring your upgrade back home with you. 


While the transformation happens during ceremony, the integration is important for prolonging the benefits & anchoring the upgraded version of yourself. You will witness a new self, yet an old similar world. Having a support system as you bring the 'new you' back into your life makes the upgrade transition more accepting. This period includes weekly LIVE virtual calls to guide and support your integration process.

Your Experience

The UPGRADE is designed for you if:

You are committed to creating lasting change in your life.

You are looking to utilize a guided plant medicine experience to catalyze creative life breakthroughs.


You are looking to find deeper meaning to your life and step into your purpose.

You are looking to improve confidence and self image.

You are seeking to step into a newer, higher version of yourself but don't know where to start.

You want to explore your consciousness or uncover repressed memories.

You want to have a mystical experience that transcends you past the physical reality.

You are looking for tools, exercises, awareness and community to help support your growth and transformation for the long term.

You are looking to rebalance after a major life stressor.

(a divorce or breakup, losing or changing jobs, world events, death etc)

You are working on releasing negative thought patterns or behaviours that are holding you back from showing up as the person you know you can be.

You are a curious being, seeking deeper transformation and personal growth.

The UPGRADE Program Schedule


PREPARATION (Week 1 - 3)

Being prepared for your Shamanic ceremony begins weeks in advance. You will be led through weekly workshops helping to prime your physical and mental body. This ensures that you have the right conditions for an ultimate experience.

Priming The Physical Body & Non-Physical Energy Around You

A clean and clear vessel produces the most ideal conditions for transformation. You will be given a nutritional and lifestyle protocol to increase the vibration of every cell in your body. Energetic debris inside or outside of your body causes a congestion and limits your ability to hear or receive guidance from your intuition. Because of this you will also be guided through releasing and cleaning up any energy that does not serve your highest good or intentions for this program.


- The physical and non physical realities you live in and how they affect your state of being.

- The nature of energy and vibration and your role with it to create the life you desire.

- How to optimize your physical body to become a clear channel and magnetic receiver for ideas, insights, guidance and even manifesting physical things.


Expand Awareness Consciously

Change can only begin when there is an awareness to the undesired parts of your life. It's normal to sense that a change or shift needs to happen in your life, but in many cases, knowing what that move is can be confusing. Gaining awareness around your values, lifestyle and alignment will bring clarity for the exact shifts that need to take place, bringing you closer to a more joyful, fulfilling life.


- How to build a relationship with your vibrational frequency and recognize the life draining and vibration sucking habits that are no longer serving you

- How to create your own unique map to more alignment, joy and fulfillment

- How to create a sensitive guidance system, giving you instant awareness to mis-alignment 

- How to identify and recognize the conditional realities you live in that are limiting your potential


Intention Setting & Ceremony Prep For Tapping Into The Subconscious

A Shamanic plant medicine experience can bring enormous clarity and answers to questions that you have been seeking. Gaining clarity on your intention for the ceremony or questions that you have is important to ensure your experience is well delivered. You will receive a private 1:1 call with Alejandra, our NLP/mindset coach to assist this process and ensure you feel safe and prepared for your journey.


How to set a good and clear intention for a plant medicine experience to give you breakthroughs

- Strategies and mental tactics to use during your experience to get the most out of your journey.

- Understanding the role of the subconscious mind and how to work with it during your psychedelic experience to discover, process and heal.

- How to recognize the ego voice vs the authentic voice and keys for navigating both of them



(End of week 3)

The retreat itself is 3 days. On the first evening you will take the plant medicine in a dosage that was predetermined during your health assessment & consult process with our plant medicine guide. This retreat is supported by a lot of additional practice to really put you in the right state of mind for this experience.


The second day of the retreat starts your integration process and allows the medicine to continue to work for you. This will be a day of silent integration, where you will be in the presence of others, but having your own internal processing from the night before. You will be surrounded by nature, water and many activities that you can take part in, as you sit in your own energy and downloads from the ceremony. This silence and stillness quiets the noise and gets you in touch with your inner voice.

You will receive a private 1:1 integration session with Alejandra Diaz where she will act as your guide to discover buried desires, finding your inner voice and intuition, along with helping you to build a map for your inner transformation that will continue to unfold in the weeks to come. Alex will explore your journey from the previous night, help you make sense of what you witnessed and ground insights to lay a solid foundation for change.

The third and final day of the retreat will begin with a meditation and breathing practice to ground your energy, prime your nervous system and set you up with a newfound strength as you make your way back to an old life as a new self.

All meals are included and prepped on site by our in-house chef. All meals will be gluten, dairy and allergen free.



A proper integration period and framework to follow after the ceremony is important for lasting change. You will be coming back as a new self to an old reality, which can pose many roadblocks if not equipped with the proper tools and support to integrate this new 'higher self'. Lack of an integration period is one of the top reasons for someones lack of growth, even when they think they are 'doing all the right things.'

WEEK 4 - Be The Observer

The catalyst to true lasting personal transformation is becoming objective with your view of reality. This ensures you are becoming aware of your role in the creation of your life.


- How to not be manipulated mentally and emotionally by your environment and the people around you

- A 3 step process to let go of your emotional baggage and negative past for good

- Access awareness on the conditioned self vs the authentic self and who is creating your reality.

WEEK 5 - Step Into Conscious Creation

True creator-ship comes from harnessing a 'RESPONSE-ABLE' approach to life. This is the week where you shift into the drivers seat of your life and the direction you are taking it.


- A simple, but powerful mental routine to break old patterns that no longer serve you

- How to follow the joy, even in the presence of negativity

- How to show up as a new self in an old world (from personal to professional we cover the various situations you will find yourself in and give guidance for navigating your integration)

WEEK 6 - Ground A New Reality

When you bring together 'the work' you have done throughout the previous weeks, along with the new conscious awareness you have and start to embody a new way of being you stabilize a new vibrational state. This in turn has to give you a new reality - it's physics! You will complete this program and ground this new state by creating a sacred contract with yourself.


- How to embody and stabilize a new vibrational reality for lasting change

- The role of contrast and tuning into your internal guidance system

- Becoming a sensitive being and tapping into your greatest superpower - intuition

- The importance of creating a sacred contract with the newer, upgraded version of yourself




Meet Bharat,

Our Shamanic Practitioner & Plant Medicine Guide

 Bharat's Gift Lies In Holding Space & Creating Safe Containers For Others To Purge, Process & Heal The Conditioned, Unserving Parts Of Themselves.

Bharat Will Guide You Through a Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony using sananga, hape and/or psilocybin.

 Bharat Is A Trauma Informed Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Kambo Practitioner, Plant Medicine Ceremony Host & Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Guide.

Meet Alejandra,

Our Integration Guide & NLP Master Practitioner

Alejandra’s Magic Lies In Creating An Intimate 1:1 Space Where You Learn To Hear The Voice Of Your Truest Self & Create A Mental Map For Solidifying Lasting Change.


Before The Retreat Alejandra Will Assist You In Clarifying & Anchoring Your Purpose For The Ceremony. 


After The Ceremony She Will Provide You With 1:1 Time & Space To Be Heard & Process What You Saw, Felt, Heard or Sensed During Your Ceremony.


Alejandra Is An Award-Winning Author, Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. 




Meet Sara,

Your Program Creator & Host

Sara's Pure Ability Lies In Creating Safe Containers For Other Seekers, Like Herself, To Explore Mind Bending Concepts, Learn About The Nature Of The Universe, Energy & The Human Psyche, While Harnessing A Community For You To Grow With.

In This Program Sara Will Act As Your Tour Guide To Explore New Depths Of Yourself & UPGRADE With CertaintyA Naturally Skilled Teacher, She Will Lead You Through Weekly Workshops, Opening Up Your Awareness To New Concepts, Perceptions & Possibilities For The Life You Are Creating.



Next Retreat Date - Fall 2022 (TBA) - Ontario, Canada

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